Eddie Dye Honored as Hometown Hero

We are extremely proud of our own Eddie Dye, who was recently recognized by one of his students, Ansley Bailey, as a "Hometown Hero." This is a great example of the positive impact that music can make on the lives of young and older people alike. Below is the entire essay that Bailey submitted. Thanks Bailey and Eddie!!!


Honoring Our Heroes

Eddie Dye

By: Ansley Bailey

Eddie Dye is my Guitar lessons teacher. I love Music and playing the Guitar. Eddie is the best guitar lessons teacher ever. He can play any song just by listening to it. I look up to Eddie because one day I want to play just like he can. Guitar lessons is my favorite activity to do after school. I look forward to it every Wednesday to see Eddie. Eddie is so nice. Eddie is so funny, smart, and patient with me. He will wait on me to get the hang of it. He will help me with whatever I need help with on the guitar. Eddie is a great guitar player and a great singer too. Eddie likes the same songs I like. The first song Eddie taught me was “Sweet Home Alabama.” Eddie likes music and playing the guitar just as much as I do. I did not even know anything about the guitar before Eddie came in. Eddie is a Guitar Hero!! I could not play the guitar like I can today if it was not for Eddie. He is Amazing at guitar, better than anyone I know. Now that Eddie is teaching me how to play I will be useing it for my whole life, and I can teach other people when they need it and I can peform for other people too. So thats why Eddie Dye is my Hero and he will always be.


Eddie Dye Honored as Hometown Hero