PDLMusic Welcomes New Instructor


Cody Brookshire cut his teeth on the creation and performance of original music in several bands, numerous community jam sessions, and 4-track sound experiments during his high school years, and a true passion for it quickly developed. He was a founding member the local/regional band Broken Machines, being the guitarist and one of the primary song-writers for the group for its duration from 2003 to 2010. His work as a guitarist and song-writer can be heard on Broken Machines' full- length studio album, Things Are A Lot More Like They Used To Be Than They Are Now, available for free on Bandcamp. Concurrently with his time in Broken Machines, he earned a bachelor's degree in guitar performance from the University of North Georgia, graduating in 2009 with the C.J. Dukes Distinguished Musician Award.

In 2011, he enrolled at the University of Georgia for graduate studies in music composition, earning a master's degree as a teaching assistant in aural skills and music theory at UGA. Shortly after his arrival in Athens, he formed a diverse hip- hop/rock group with local legends Reggie Perry Jr., Johnny Le, and Philip Broughton. The group enjoyed a short but successful run of performances in the Downtown Athens music scene from 2011 through 2013, and their three biggest crowd-favorites were recorded and released on The Nasty EP. In 2013, Brookshire re-enrolled at UGA as a doctoral composition student, being awarded a three-year teaching assistantship in the electronic music studios at the Dancz Center for New Music. He has received several distinctions as a doctoral student, including UGA's 2015-2016 John H. Corina Music Scholarship, and a 2015-2016 ICE Grant for developing a new audio streaming technology, SynkroTakt, designed to create immersive and social sonic experiences, created in conjunction with several other students. He is currently completing his dissertation on this new technology and its applications in music composition and performance.

Cody Brookshire's original music has been performed at events and venues including the CBDNA National Conference, New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival, SEAMUS National Conferences, the Ammerman Center for Arts and Technology Symposium in Connecticut, the Oh, My Ears! Marathon Concert in Arizona, the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts, the Institut D’Estudis Nord-Americans in Barcelona, the Audiograft Festival of Contemporary Experimental Music and Sound Art in Oxford, the Guangzhou Grand Theater in China, and the Freedom On My Doorstep installation project at the Wiltshire Heritage Museum in England. He has composed for and worked with groups such as So Percussion, Great Noise Ensemble, the Athens Guitar Duo, MOD[ular] Ensemble, Transient Canvas, Chamber Cartel, Terminus Ensemble, the Hodgson Wind Ensemble at the University of Georgia, the UGA Saxophone Studio, the University of North Georgia Patriot Choir, and the University of North Georgia String Orchestra.

Notable awards of Brookshire's include 1st place in the 2015 Electrobrass National Composition Competition for From Afar, Drawing Near; 1st place in the 2014 and 2nd place in the 2015 Southeastern Composer's League Philip Slates Memorial Competition for Shrapnel and Irreconcilable Differences, respectively; as well as a 2015 Judge's Honorable Mention for the American Prize in Composition, student chamber division, for PRISM. Several of Brookshire's works have been professionally recorded and released including PRISM which appears on second record of the Athens Guitar Duo, "Recuerdos" on Claudio Records. M3TA11UR6Y, We Could Live Forever Tonight, and From Afar, Drawing Near appear on various electroacoustic compilation albums on the EMPiRES label, while OMEGA and Wasting All My Precious Time both appear on releases on Good Static Records. A short electronic work, Harmonic Meditation, No. 1 appears on the 2014 SEAMUS Miniatures album “Transients”.

Cody Brookshire's primary guitar teachers have been Eddie Dye, Howie Bentley, and Andrew Loggins for acoustic and electric guitar, and Richard Knepp and Esteban Anastasio for classical guitar. For music composition, his primary teachers have been Peter Van Zandt Lane, Jesse Jones, Leonard V. Ball Jr., Adrian Childs, Roger Vogel, and Lee Barrow. He is an avid music technologist, frequently working with various mainstream software and hardware for recording, electronic music creation, and score engraving, and more advanced tools such for MIDI, live sound, and synthetic audio creation. Brookshire has maintained various side-projects throughout his musical career, including acoustic singer-songwriter duo The Human Fund, running the new music label EMPiRES as co-founder and executive director, and composing a full-length musical with lyricist Clarissa Brock. He currently teaches music theory and composition at Reinhardt University in Waleska, GA.

PDLMusic Welcomes New Instructor