Band Instrument Rental

One year of Visual or Performing Arts is recommended for all college-bound students. The advantages of a music education go far beyond the ability to play an instrument. Skills learned through the discipline of music transfer to communication skills and study skills. School music programs provide students with a safe place in school activities, positive self-esteem, friends, self-discipline and much more.

Ponce De Leon Music Center would like to introduce you to our band/orchestra instrument rental/purchase program. We offer a complete selection of both new and reconditioned quality educator approved instruments.

The rental plan is very simple.  Select the instrument of your choice and pay the first low initial payment for three months.  At the end of the initial period, you may select to buy the instrument with a 30% discount, or you may continue paying the low monthly installments until the instrument is completely paid for.  All rental payments apply to the purchase of your instrument or you may return it at any time after three months with no further obligation.  Another important feature of our rental program is that there are no additional hidden fees or interest charges.

When your student is ready to "Step Up" into a more professional instrument, we offer discounted prices, as well as 12 months rental credit, toward the purchase of that instrument.

We also offer an Instrument Protection Plan for a small monthly fee.  This plan helps to protect you against damage, fire, and theft.  This fee also covers most repairs.  This is important to consider for beginning students.  Minor repairs are done here at our repair shop quickly and often while you wait. We also provide complimentary loaner instruments for repairs that take a little longer.  Please call the store for the complete details on this plan.

We keep a list of supplies, accessories and books required by your band director, and also offer private lessons by highly qualified professional music educators.

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